Pepticate Baby Formula, Hypoallergenic Powdered Infant Formula for Cow Milk Allergy


Size 14.1 Ounce (Pack of 1)
Item Weight 400 Grams
Item Form Powder
Age Range (Description) Infant
  • HYPOALLERGENIC INFANT FORMULA: Pepticate is the leading extensively hydrolyzed infant formula (eHF) in Europe with over 30 years of experience in managing infants with cow milk allergy (CMA)
  • COW MILK ALLERGY SYMPTOM MANAGEMENT: Clinically shown to be effective in the nutritional management of CMA. Helps to provide relief from symptoms of CMA, such as eczema and colic
  • INSPIRED BY BREAST MILK: Pepticate is inspired by key components found in breast milk, including prebiotic oligosaccharides to support infant digestive health and immune system development, nucleotides to help support the immune system, and DHA and ARA to promote brain and eye development
  • MADE IN EUROPE: Nutritionally complete, safe, and well tolerated formula sold in over 75 countries
  • #1 EXTENSIVELY HYDROLYZED FORMULA (eHF) in Europe: Pepticate is the #1 eHF recommended by UK pediatricians (Most recommended brand on a 2022 survey of UK GPs, pediatricians, and dieticians: n =206)


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